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Hansen Group is a one-stop platform to find that perfect caterer for your wedding or event. Our main brands include Bill Hansen Catering, Alexander Catering, Lovables Catering & Kitchen, and Eten Catering. Each one offers quality food and service at varying prices depending upon your catering budget. Our team also works with a number of smaller caterers who can offer you delicious offerings at very affordable prices. We also partner with two of the best Kosher caterers in South Florida, a fabulous Indian chef, elevated Mexican cuisine, and mid-eastern catering partners.

Bill Hansen Catering

Bill Hansen Catering aims to create perfect events. Bill Hansen has over 40 years of experience catering unforgettable events for his clients. The Bill Hansen team has built and maintained a sterling reputation for providing visionary design and creative, delicious cuisine. Bill Hansen caters to food enthusiasts of all tastes, from adventurous dishes to sweets and more. They will customize your menu according to your unique taste and preferences, ensuring an unforgettably entertaining experience for you and your guests. Bill Hansen's mission is to bring your vision to life.
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Alexander Event Catering

Alexander Event Catering turns event dreams into realities. They specialize in weddings and momentous occasions and have perfected them for over 20 years. Known for their flavorsome menus and outstanding client service, they are professionally trained and equipped to elevate any special occasion. The team at Alexander Event Catering loves collaborating with South Florida's top vendors. They partner with reputable planners, florists, tabletop decorators, and entertainment leaders and work with them to craft events that shine.
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Lovables Catering & Kitchen

Since 1986, Lovables Catering & Kitchen has provided full-service catering for every type of occasion. They provide delicious food and drink for off-premise events, from breakfast meetings, corporate luncheons, casual and sit-down dinners, grand openings, weddings, and beyond. Lovables Catering & Kitchen provides main courses, lunches, and desserts carefully crafted with love and attention. They cap all their meals off with a beautiful presentation, enriching the dining experience for every participant.
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Eten Catering

At Eten Catering, the small details and touches matter most. They are a premier full-service catering and event company. Founded in 2010 by two European event professionals, they add their home continent's flair and creative presentation to every dish served. They give every aspect of events their undivided attention and care. From selecting ingredients to highlighting brilliant displays, every detail is artfully crafted. Eten Catering's deep passion for cooking and fine cuisine leaves a lasting impression on every host and guest they serve.
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