Top 10 Ideas for Your Holiday Party

November 6, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to dust off that holiday décor and get ready to host an exciting holiday party. Before you sit and dream out your plan for the party of the year, take a look at our top trending ideas for your holiday bash.

10. Winter Activities to Entertain

Whether you’re hosting a small get together or a huge corporate event for your team, incorporating some fun activities into the get together keeps everyone entertained while giving them something to do. How Miami is this? Rent a synthetic ice-skating rink! We don’t have real snow, so bring this fun winter inspired activity to SOFLA in your own backyard. Functioning without the need for water or electricity, this portable winter activity can take place just about anywhere. Rent a snow blowing machine that creates fake snowflakes out of bubbles. This can make for a great backdrop for pictures and selfies. A flower-arranging workshop or wine-tasting is also a fun way to encourage interaction with your friends and colleagues.

9. Balloon & Paper Décor

Larger than life balloon displays are a fun element to add to the décor of your function. Whether it be hanging globes above the dance-floor or cascading down a wall and used as a photo op, the use of metallic or bold colors can be a striking piece added to your event. Paper décor, including compostable kinds are all the rage this year. Using paper in your décor and food display gives you a natural rustic look, not to mention it’s good for the environment!

8. After Dinner Espresso Martinis

Everyone loves to hit the bar for their holiday favorite, and having personalized signature cocktails for everyone to enjoy pre-meal is a fun attraction. So the after-dinner Espresso Martini is the trend to include this year. Creating a visual activation where the martini is infused in real time with citrus as it passes through a “drip tower.” This is a new take on the coffee with dessert portion of the evening.

7. Gingerbread Houses as Decor

Close your eyes and picture a freshly decorated gingerbread house as a centerpiece to your table. Can you smell it? Line the center of your table with different shapes and sizes of gingerbread houses along with fragrant greenery and small colorful elements. Even set up a mini gingerbread house decorating station as an added element of entertainment. This is a great idea if you have children to entertain at your party.

6. Holiday Cocktails

This staple of all holiday events is always a fun trend to enjoy designing. Think about your guest list, and come up with fun ways to personalize your drink selection. Use holiday lingo and fun swizzle sticks and cranberries to spice up the look of your drinks. Your local catering company can help you design specialty drinks that will please every person.

5. Dessert Table

A well presented and decadent dessert table will draw in your guests with the hopes for a sweet treat. Stacked macarons make a beautiful display. Or think about keeping a color aesthetic for your dessert table. All pale colors or whites, blush shades or bold greens and reds can dress up your display and keep with the holiday theme. Be sure to ask your event planner or Miami caterer for a list and tasting of their best selling holiday treats.

4. Snip N Sip

Decor, aromatherapy and drink stirs all in one! Have a beautifully crafted rosemary bush or a hanging basket of mint that your guests can pick up some readily available shears and snip a piece off to pop into their drink. This is also a fun element for bartenders to snag a fresh branch to add some holiday fun to their drink.

3. Platterful Charcuterie Boards

Having fun with decorating or designing a charcuterie board can be a relaxing way to make a beautiful edible masterpiece. The use of cheeses, meats, crackers, spreads, and other accompaniments such as dried fruits, olives, candied nuts, chocolate, pickled things, and more will help you build the perfect board. Use a theme such as a cuban inspired board or whatever ethnicity your family is from. Holiday themed boards can be fun as well when you use different elements to design reindeer faces or wreaths.

2. Festive Bar Cart

Have fun decorating a fun bar cart that can be moved from room to room, or even rolled out onto the dance floor! Decorative straws or stirs, a fun dressed up ice bucket or colorful glasses in holiday hues can add into the holiday fun. Make sure to include a fun saying on a cute hanging sign with some holiday ribbon and greenery to seal the effect.

1. Natural Elements

One of the great aspects of a South Florida party is the outdoor weather. Use the outdoors to your advantage in your decor. Natural foliage and greenery will be a focal point in decor this season. For traditionalists, you’ll be happy to know that classic hues, like red, green, ochre, and rust tones are expected to return this time of year. The use of different textures such as velvet, knit, pampas grass or mohair activate the sense of touch for your guests. Don’t stop at using greenery in your centerpieces, use it on every table as decor, the backs of chairs, hanging from the ceiling, or attached as small elements to the menu or take home gifts.