Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Venue

February 4, 2021
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Finding that perfect venue for your big day isn’t easy. There are so many options to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a stunning historical mansion, an elegant ballroom, a cozy rustic barn, or a quiet stretch of beach, you’ve got to have the perfect space for your friends and family to gather and celebrate.

Here are a few questions you should answer before beginning your search for that dream venue!

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How Important Is Your Date?

You may have a sentimental date already in mind… BUT, keep in mind, with date flexibility, you expand your options immeasurably!
Also, if you’re willing to host a smaller wedding on a weeknight, you’ll improve your chances of your dream venue being available – not to mention, with the added bonus of saving money.

What Do You Want Included With Your Venue?

Decide if you prefer a unique venue that gives you the freedom to select all your wedding vendors and make all of your choices based upon your vision, or a hotel or ballroom where you must use their in-house caterer, their alcohol, and their preferred vendors. Interested in looking around at those unique venues? See our full South Florida venue list at: Bill Hansen Miami Venues.

What’s Your Guest Count?

Knowing how many guests you’re expecting to invite before you go looking at venues will help save you from headaches and heartaches down the road. Another thing to keep in mind before you go on a venue hunt is if you prefer a venue that’s indoors, outdoors, or both is important.

What’s Your Preferred Location?

South Florida stretches from Palm Beach to Key West. Knowing your preferred location is helpful. And don’t discount Miami’s Redland/Wedland area. Less than an hour’s drive from Miami International Airport, there are over 30 venues from which to choose at reasonable, budget-friendly pricing.

Have You Figured Out Your Budget Yet?

Know how much your total budget is, as well as approximately what your wedding design will cost to execute. Break down your overall budget by category, prioritizing more funds for vendors that are a higher priority. If you select your venue first, and then realize it’s more than you should have allocated, it’s an uphill battle to stay within your budget when you still have a dozen other people to hire.

If you’re interested in a unique venue rather than a hotel, you should keep in mind that every venue charges a venue rental fee ranging in price from a couple thousand dollars to six figures, with the average rental rate at around $5,000-10,000 on a Saturday night. As far as budgeting is concerned, the venue will cost you somewhere between 15% and 25% of your total budget.

Click here to use our simple budget breakdown worksheet for help!