Should I Have a Smaller Wedding Now or Wait?

January 5, 2021
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Lately, one question I’ve been hearing frequently is:

“Bill, should I go ahead now with a smaller wedding, or wait until it’s safe to travel after the vaccine?”

A smaller wedding now will certainly be more cost-effective. This allows you to save money for your honeymoon or for a new house perhaps.

You also have the option of tying the knot in front of close family and friends now and having a larger celebration in a year or two.

I’m seeing a trend in this direction AND since there are fewer guests, couples are discovering the savings afforded for mid-week weddings.

Now that we live in a virtual world, we’ve learned people can work remotely. So even your out-of-town guests can stay in touch with work, while celebrating your wedding day right here in sunny South Florida.

Why not have your wedding on a weekday and save money? And for your invited guests, you can splurge on the catering and décor, while still saving money.

Top venues only have 52 Saturday nights available. With half of those on prime dates, supply and demand dictates higher prices for those nights.

Sooner rather than later will also save you so much time worrying about things. Think about this, if your wedding is not until mid or late 2022, you will have months and months of time to agonize over everything and change your mind multiple times over the details. Keep in mind, skilled wedding professionals can plan weddings in a month or less.

So, my answer to couples has been this: “Why not bite the bullet and do it sooner, rather than later?“

-Bill Hansen, CEO

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Feature Photo Courtesy of Arevalo & Co.