Our 2022 Corporate Event Trends

April 17, 2023

Corporate events are becoming more snazzy to make employees and attendees feel the love and increase the company culture within. Here are Bill Hansen’s top trends to keep your employees happy and make your next corporate event a hit:

Level up on the Attendee Experience

In the past the long drone of the keynote speaker was the main reason you came to a corporate event held by your company. If you remember anything that was said in those past events you would be one of not many. So companies are doing better at making sure your summit or event experience is top notch! For instance we are seeing trends where there is more time in between sessions for networking, an abundance of loungy spaces with comfy seating for you to take a break or chat with co-workers, and also private areas for networking. The purpose of the event is always key, but more intention is put into making sure you get the most of your experience there. Many corporations are also doing micro-conferences, where the setting is more intimate. Even conferences split up by department instead of the whole company at once, so a more intentional vibe is reached. Expect immersive activities between you and the other attendees with an added personal touch.

Protective Measures Are Here to Stay

Everyone has learned how to be safer when dealing with a pandemic and taking extra precautions to keep yourself and others germ-free. Continuing to wear masks or not going to public events when feeling sick or having symptoms has become the norm. All companies have implemented a COVID-19 protocol regarding testing and making sure you’re negative for any illness before venturing to work or a corporate event.

Al Fresco Dining

Your Miami Catering Company will definitely ‘cater’ to your needs and make the best out of outdoor venues to promote a safer dining experience. Individually plated or boxed, your meals are put together with great thought and care in order to keep you safe. The outside dining experience in majestic courtyards, weatherproof tents or grassy areas are also taking advantage of lessening your risk of exposure. The sun and the wind do wonders to wisk germs away, so companies are making meals outside more of a priority.

Remote Options

The hybrid or virtual experience is here to stay as well. There will always be employees who cannot make the event, but still need to hear the information shared. This trend is becoming more and more innovative in order to keep remote attendees engaged, especially since a lot of us have experienced zoom fatigue over the last couple of years. The corporate event planner you choose needs to be up on trends as well so they can make the virtual experience one to remember and treasure.

Curated event boxes are a fun trend to keep attendees engaged. A box full of items that move along with the conference or summit can be just the trick to keep them coming back to more sessions and breakouts. The curiosity of “what’s next” and “what is this item for?” can be an intriguing detail to make your employee enjoy a virtual conference. Don’t forget the thoughtful corporate branded favors and sweets to combat the afternoon snooze!