Graduation Celebration Trends You Need to Know

May 3, 2022

Woohoo! School is OUT! It’s time to celebrate your graduate! After all that hard work in high school or college, how awesome is it to commemorate their accomplishment with an epic graduation party. Need a venue? Caterer? Decor? We’ve got it all! Look no further than these golden trends to make sure it’s a party they will never forget!

Featured photo courtesy of Lenisse Komatsu Photography

Photo Booth

Don’t Skimp on the Photo Booth! If there is anything graduates love, it’s to take pictures! Design a fantastic backdrop for a photo booth and go crazy with signage and props. Or rent a 360 photo booth. This video photo will be the star at your celebration. Everyone will want to get in on the fun. If your theme is retro, rent an old school retro photo booth.

Use School Colors. In everything! Not just in the decor, but incorporate the alma mater into the food choices and colors. Create a deluxe spread with themed signature drinks and desserts with your local Miami caterer.

Personalized Centerpieces

Make the centerpiece a conversation piece by placing photos of your graduate. Old photos of them growing up or pics of them receiving special awards or achievements in school is a great way to make the table about their big accomplishment. This personal touch will elevate even a simple floral arrangement.


The graduation number year balloons are always a fantastic photo op. They also double as great decorations. Liven them up with a festive balloon arch or large mylar graduation balloons.

Tassel It Up

The tassel on the mortarboard of the graduation cap is a time honored tradition. The turning of the tassel has been used to signify a person’s transition from candidate to graduate. Use tassels in your decor. A tassel banner or hanging tiny tassels from paper straws to add some pizzazz to drinks. A tassel wreath of dollar bills (or a higher denomination) wrapped like little diplomas with tassels tied around them is a gift all graduates will love.

Snag Those Inspirational Quotes

If there’s one thing we all need when we are about to embark on a new chapter in our lives, it’s some wise counsel. Set up a station with a book, a matted frame, jar or scrapbook to allow guests and family to impart some of that wisdom upon the grad. We all have life-lessons we’ve learned over time, and even have some advice from mistakes we’ve made. It is also great to remember that life is short and taking time to stop and enjoy it is a great piece of wisdom to impart. Get creative, and have a bowl of old keys with tags attached, and ask guests to write down a ‘key to success’ that they have learned along the way.

Memory Jar

Just like wisdom is great to impart, recounting awesome memories is also a fun way to celebrate the years gone by. Put out some notecards or papers so guests can recount fun, amazing and even embarrassing memories they have with the graduate. What a great gift and keepsake to celebrate the life that has already been lived. Or get creative with the memories or life advice. Have guests write them on your grads favorite game such as Jenga to ‘build a great future’ or playing cards so they can reminisce about the days gone by while playing their favorite game.

Specialty Graduation Box

What’s a graduate’s favorite gift? Money, money, money monayy. MONEY! Come to think of it, it’s everyone’s favorite gift. Dream up a creative way to make a box or container for guests to slip cards and money into for the graduate. A large size graduation cap made out of a box with a slit cut out of the side or top. Put a large tassel dangling from the top down the side. An old hollow globe with a slit cut out, with a sign ‘Oh, the places you’ll go’. A large cookie jar with ‘One Smart Cookie’ written on the side.

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