Do’s & Don’ts for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

February 8, 2022

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many of you are thinking about using one of the most romantic day’s of the year to pop that Big Question. So if you’re thinking of proposing or hoping “OMG, please let them ask to marry me this February 14th!!!” then you’re in luck with our special list of Do’s and Don’ts to make sure your beautiful proposal puts you on Top and is not a Flop.

Do: Make It Personal

The two of you are unlike any other couple in the world. You are unique, you have inside jokes, and funny ‘ism’s that you share. So dig deep into that arsenal of goods that make you special as a couple and think up a proposal that makes it unique for you two. Go back to where you had your first date, first kiss or where you first said “I Love You.” Those are sentimental moments that can make the whole proposal more intimate. Recreate that first dream date that was so much fun you decided to go on a second. Spice it up by surprising your significant other by popping the question after you make their favorite meal, have breakfast in bed, or incorporate it in a special dessert at home in the evening.

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Don’t: Wing It

Little boy scouts and girl scouts are always prepared, well even if you weren’t a boy or girl scout you need to be prepared for this major event in your life. Even if you are whisking your gf or bf off to a special destination or plan on using a famous wedding venue in Florida, have a plan in place. If you pick a monument or a special spot make sure it’s quiet to create more intimacy. Or even if it’s back in your hotel room or cottage, create the mood so it turns into the perfect moment to say “Yes!”. There’s something to be said for having your speech prepared. Even when shooting from the hip a little can be uber romantic. But umm-ing, ahhh-ing and sweating? Not so much. Write something out. Practice it. Memorize it! If you draw a blank because you’re so nervous write it down and pull out a note card if you have too!

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Do: Get Creative

Create a scavenger hunt leading to a special place all decked out for your proposal. Leave a trail for your special person using rose petals or candy leading up to a special room for them to find you bent on one knee ready to speak or plead your heart out. Use candlelight and romantic music that could turn into your wedding song! Set up a tripod and leave your camera on to capture the moment in all its beautiful heartfelt glory. Get creative at different venues in South Florida. Create a countdown. Have you heard of the 12 days of Christmas? Well, do the 13 days of February. Start on Feb 1st leaving special notes or gifts that lead up to the big day you propose. Flowers, heartfelt notes, special soft blankets or pj’s, then lead up to the main event day where you pull out all the stops including that beautiful ring.

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Don’t: Be Unsure

Getting married is a big deal. Yes, this is for life. This is the love of your life. The person who makes your heart sing and your tummy stir. The goo-goo eyes can wear off over the years in the face of work, life, did we mention kids? So make sure this is the person. Your person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Premarital or pre-engagement counseling even before an engagement is settled is highly recommended. It can help you work through some of the hiccups that can come along later in your marriage. That nasty D word is not something you even want to be in your vocabulary when engaging in a lifelong marriage. So be sure. Don’t jump the gun too early and rush into something you’re unsure about.

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Do: Have a Ring Ready

We get it, you thought you would be spontaneous. It was the spur of the moment, just the perfect day or night, perfect lighting, you just had to go for it. Well, have a plan for that ring. Because the bling sure does say a lot about how much you know and understand your significant other. And being prepared shares that your special someone is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Whether you pick out the ring yourself, have a family heirloom ring or book an appointment at the jewelry store for her to pick out her fav, make sure you have a plan.

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