5 Ways to Spoil Your Guests at Your Holiday Party

December 15, 2021

The holidays are about spending time with family and friends. We know the 2020 holiday season was the year to cancel everything, but 2021 was about figuring out how to get our groove back safely, especially during the holidays.

Here are Bill Hansen’s five ways to be the best holiday host for your guests!

1. Add a Flowing Chocolate Fountain to Your Dessert Table

Watch your guest’s eyes pop when they see a beautiful chocolate fountain and all the treats surrounding it! Nothing says holidays like dessert, and a fountain will definitely be memorable. Provide fresh fruits like strawberries, pineapple, bananas and raspberries. Also treats like marshmallows, rice krispies, pretzels and brownies. Spice it up holiday-style by adding chopped peppermint candy canes or fun festive holiday sprinkles they can garnish their treats with. Bill Hansen Catering can provide the perfect chocolate fountain and it’s sure to be the star of the show!

Chocolate Fountain

2. A Signature Cocktail Is a Must

Your guests will feel especially loved if you take the time to plan out a specialty drink. It’s so fun to think up a funny or clever name for your drink that goes along with your party theme or your own personality. There are tons of holiday drinks online or your caterer can help you dream up the perfect cocktail. Don’t forget creative signage for the bar! Check out these creative cocktail recipes by Delish.


3. A Guided Wine or Whisky-Tasting

Wine can be intimidating, mysterious, and challenging. Include a mini-course where your guests can learn how to taste, enjoy a selection of wines and their pairing options. Not a huge wine enthusiast? Try a whiskey-tasting. You can also incorporate these different wines and liquors into your party’s signature cocktail! Check out these 9 essential rules on how to throw the perfect whisky-tasting.

Photography: Colin Hattersley Photography

Whisky filled glasses

4. Engage All Senses

Touch – Comfy seating, and plenty of it, for all your guests to enjoy. Even some large pillows thrown around the coffee table make for additional seating and can add a cool vibe. Why not splurge on quilted toilet paper? Make sure the bathroom is stocked well. Plenty of tp, a nice holiday scented hand soap and a hand towel or disposable holiday hand napkins are a good choice.

Smell – Make sure your party space smells good. Fragrances like baked sugar cookie or frasier fir tree really transport you into the holidays. Scented candles will surely set the mood.

Visual – The addition of fresh flowers, crisp ironed linens, and breaking out the expensive china can add dazzle to your table decor. Feel like you don’t know where to start? Contact your event planner in Miami to help you out.

Auditory – Ambiance music. It’s super awkward to arrive at a holiday party and hear crickets. Nobody wants an awkward silence after the initial hello’s. Set the mood and cast away that stiff feeling by playing background music. Plan a playlist on your favorite music app or search up popular holiday favorites. Only you know what your guests like to hear, but you can’t go wrong with soft classics. Many of today’s mainstream artists have remade the old holiday classics we’ve come to love. Need a DJ or entertainment? LYT Productions has you covered.

Taste – After putting your signature cocktail in their hand, show them your array of yummy appetizers to please every palate. Remember that bite-sized food is always less awkward. Don’t forget to include vegan and allergy-friendly choices. Everyone will appreciate a varied menu that appeals to guests with diverse palates and preferences. Prepare some healthy and indulgent options, meaty and vegetarian recipes, a mix of sweet and savory bites, and maybe even a few gluten-free options if some of your guests are gluten-sensitive. Since this is the season of giving, be generous with your portions and drinks per person. Six to eight items of food and 3 drinks per person, total, is a good estimate.

5. Take Home Party Favors

Nothing will win over your guests more like a creative party favor that will remind them of the fabulous time they had at your party. Grab some cute holiday take-out boxes or tote bags and send them home with their favorite batch of festive sugar cookies, koozies, or ceramic mugs to enjoy their coffee or tea the next day.

Gift Parcel

If you want to ensure your affair is the talk of the town, contact Bill Hansen Catering for help. Cheers to making your holiday party a memorable one!